Brief analysis of the logistics sector and its future prospects – An approach to the forgotten part

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Knowing the current situation of the logistics sector and its future prospects is a key question to analyze the steps that any company must follow to evolve and meet those needs that are emerging little by little, but in an unstoppable way.

NEXE, in its desire for growth and useful and avant-garde service, understands that the sector is changing by leaps and bounds and denotes certain key trends in this process, one of which stands out especially: the digital channel. For this reason, NEXE has made a strong and determined commitment to PackBack, its own high-performance software through which we facilitate and streamline returns management for eCommerce and retail companies. A sample of the experience and constant evolution of the company throughout its more than 20 years of history.

Although logistics encompasses many more services, we consider it necessary to emphasize returns, as it is the most overlooked factor in the entire process. And they make up a very important part in the day-to-day of companies and, therefore, of their logistics.

At NEXE we are convinced that Packback is the complement that logistics was missing. A leading software in returns management, which is revolutionizing the market and which is positioned as the ideal tool to simplify this type of operations and improve the customer experience that every company seeks.

And all this, while minimizing costs and adapting to the needs of each company and sector. A true solution for the reverse logistics sector.

Current state of the logistics sector

But what is the current state of the logistics sector? In the particular case of Spain, we have a powerful network of air, land, rail and maritime infrastructures, known for its marked and proven quality. A perfect combination, which allows the operation facilitated by NEXE to be carried out at full capacity, with the technological umbrella that Packback provides.

Currently, the logistics and transportation sector represents approximately 8% of the country’s GDP. A figure that rises to 10% if we take into account the logistical activities carried out by industrial, commercial and service companies. On the other hand, the annual turnover of the logistics sector reaches 111,000 million euros, according to figures from the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism of the Government of Spain.

An ideal environment for the launch and consolidation of new ideas and projects that give a boost to this sector, reinforcing it with simple and cutting-edge technological ideas, such as Packback software.

And, among the main investment proposals recognized by the ministry itself, there’s the improvement of reverse logistics processes. The future of the sector depends, in part, on the development of solutions for retailers in the integral management of returns. This opportunity must be taken by the logistics sector to extend the supply chain. Undoubtedly, actions that suppose the growth of the demand of logistics distribution warehouses in order to support these returns. In short, sustained growth that benefits the economy as a whole.

Logistics sector: future prospects

A future full of challenges. This is how the next few years will unfold in the logistics and transport sector. As indicated by Juan Jiménez-Hevia, Director in Spain of Real I.S. AG in an article for Cinco Días – El País last July, “the health crisis has accelerated some structural trends and has highlighted the importance of having resilient supply chains.”

Therefore, having cutting-edge technology, capable of reducing the cost of returns in eCommerce and retail companies, is essential. And PackBack was born precisely with that vocation: to manage the return operations process. Also improving productivity, generating considerable time savings and prioritizing payment for use. Promoting, in this way, fair and adapted rates.

“The logistics market will have to adapt to environmental conditions and a constantly changing market, based on a series of demographic and technological changes, advances in the field of sustainability and the increase in the urban population”, concludes Jiménez -Hevia in his column. All of them important concepts when it comes to aligning Nexe’s objectives with Packback, we help being more agile when it comes to responding to new trends.

PackBack: avant-garde and future of the logistics sector at the customer’s service

At NEXE we envision a technological future, in which the role of software to control and monitor the logistics process will be essential for the evolution of the sector.

The conversion between the physical and the digital is going to be something key for the future and we want you to get ahead of this process with Packback.

Learn how PackBack can help you with the logistics of your company.

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