Packback: a true technological revolution in the returns sector

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11PackBack: una verdadera revolución tecnológica

We are in a historic moment for electronic commerce, in which the sector is growing at a good pace year after year. A boom that is accompanied by another phenomenon: product returns. Millions of operations of this type take place every day. Speed, efficiency and responsiveness are increasingly becoming factors that underpin the success of companies. Having a trustworthy software to manage returns becomes, therefore, a necessity. Aware of this, Nexe has developed Packback, our own high-performance software. A sample of Nexe’s experience and constant evolution throughout its more than 20 years of history.

Leader in returns’ management, Packback is configured as a tool to facilitate and streamline operations.

Packback, our own technological solution, highly tested

Improving productivity and saving time throughout the logistics process are the main objectives pursued by Packback. In this way, we facilitate the decision-making of two key agents: the operator of the website and its clients.

How does Packback improve returns productivity?

Packback applies its technology from the moment the buyer makes the return in the eCommerce and, from there, the software also manages it in terms of the receipt of the merchandise, the identification of orders, the classification and the valuation of the return, ending in the segmentation, reoperation and dispatch.

Simplification and automation of highly diverse processes

Its design pursues the specific management of returns. The software has the ability to be used in different scenarios, regardless of their particularities.

Progressive optimization of resources

Packback facilitates and promotes a new way of working, in which the dependency on hardware is less and in which human resources are optimized.

Packback, an intuitive and simple software

Packback is committed to simplicity. A short training is enough for operators to use its functionalities in a very intuitive and highly productive way.

A way to facilitate operator and customer decisions

In short, a way to improve the relationship with the customer, improving their experience and encouraging new purchases. After all, a simple return is a reason to buy again.

Packback presents different indicators in real time, with a complete productivity dashboard, configurable both by operator and by phase of the process.

Reliability and traceability

Information to which companies can access to carry out a fully guaranteed and 100% traceable tracking.

Our software enables the items entering the chain to be registered and processed quickly and efficiently. In this way, it’s possible to control its position and location at all times, without problem.

Conversion of fixed costs into variable costs

Each customer pays per unit processed, per volume of use. Thus, the cost is lower and can be controlled and categorized without complications.

What advantages will working with Packback bring to your company?

  • High capacity. Both in volume and complexity. We have a SaaS hosted on servers located in the cloud. This SaaS is prepared to handle high volumes of information.
  • Flexibility and scalability. The Packback software allows you to work from anywhere in a comfortable, fast and precise way, applying the same work methodology. It can be fully adapted to different languages, countries or regions.
  • High availability. Packback contemplates the possibility of working offline if necessary due to some eventuality or unforeseen event.
  • Information security. We guarantee total protection of each company’s data, thanks to our advanced encryption system. We have servers in our cloud that provide immediate latency and adaptability.
  • Reliability. The system not only records all the operations carried out, but also establishes an identification control and access permissions at the level of users, groups and roles.
  • Ability to integrate with other systems.
  • Quick implementation. Our objective is to respond to customer needs immediately.
  • Technical assistance. For Packback, attention to companies that bet for our technology is essential, for this reason we assign teams with 24/7 dedication, both for implementation and for training and integration.

With customers in Europe and the United States, Packback has handled more than 400,000 references and has processed more than 10 million returns annually.

Learn more about our software by visiting our website or by sending an email to

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