Black Friday: learn how to avoid returns and incidents in your commerce.

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Effective returns management is an essential issue for any business or company, especially at times like nowadays, in the middle of Black Friday. Ensuring fast and secure returns therefore becomes a priority. In this way, we’ll be able to minimize incidents and we’ll be able to improve the customer’s shopping experience.

Packback, our own returns management platform, makes it possible to streamline these type operations, minimizing the costs that retail and eCommerce companies must bear in these type of situations.

Increase of returns during Black Friday

According to data from the UNO logistics employer, the average product return rate is 24.5%, a figure that rises between 5% and 10% on key dates such as Black Friday.

Figures that are already bulky, which are overwhelming when knowing the forecasts of the consulting firm Deloitte, which indicate that in 2021 there will be a 35% growth in online sales compared to last year.

An opportunity for any eCommerce or retail company to build customer loyalty and attract new consumers. And this increase in returns can have a beneficial impact on companies. Efficient management of this type of incident guarantees a good relationship with customers and, of course, new business opportunities.

How to minimize the impact of returns on our business?

Taking into account the needs and general behavior of consumers when making purchases in our store is essential. Correct labeling and signage in physical stores is key. As well as having accurate descriptions of the products in their web version.

Offering clear information and customer assistance when required, will have a positive impact on our business and will allow us to minimize the impact of returns.

But how should we manage returns so that they don’t become a real problem for our business?

Importance of efficient returns management

The efficient management of this type of operations becomes, day by day, one of the main priorities of consumers. An issue that is essential for companies, but that little by little is penetrating their customers.

At the end of the day, the purchase process must take into account returns. And in a special way in commerce campaigns like Black Friday. It’s necessary to have a perfectly established procedure, in which security and transparency are very important.

Traceability, simplicity and constant information must become the main drivers of returns management. Thus, we’ll be able to reduce operational problems to the maximum, offering a traceable and fully studied service. And that is precisely the specialty of NEXE, specified in Packback, our own platform.

Packback, your company’s ally for returns process

Packback applies technology from the moment the customer makes the return on the operator’s web page, and from there it also manages it in terms of the merchandise receipt, the identification of orders, the classification and the valuation of the return, ending in segmentation, reoperation and dispatch.

A way to significantly improve the returns process in eCommerce. A direct improvement in the productivity of the company and a direct way to increase the satisfaction of its customers. With Packback we turn an unpleasant operation into quick and easy management, which minimizes inconvenience for the company, but also for customers.

In addition, the software provides valuable information, which allows decisions to be made in real time, with key indicators and personalized reports. Packback helps you make quick decisions based on reliable data. Because for a retailer, to decide quickly is to win sales.

Learn how Packback can help you improve your company’s returns processes, especially in commercial campaigns such as Black Friday.

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